How To Get Involved In Your Community

Are you looking to do some volunteer work as a part of your New Year’s resolutions? The past couple months The RoomPlace employees have volunteered hundreds of hours across different organizations with varying missions. Any act, big or small, can make a difference in the lives of others!

Here are the first steps to take to help you get started with volunteering, along with some of our favorite charities that could use your help!

1. Think about issues or causes you are passionate about. Do you love animals? Have you lost someone close to you to a certain disease? Do you want to help feed the hungry or keep the homeless warm during this winter season? There is an organization for all of these causes and more!

2. Track down an organization that matches your passion. You can use resources such as,, or check with local resources such as the Chamber of Commerce.

3. Call the organization and ask how you can help out! Yes, it’s that easy!

A few of the many charities The RoomPlace employees spend time with and love:

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Arlington Heights Team Helps Organize Food for 83 Needy Families

Four employees from The RoomPlace spent time volunteering at the Village of Arlington Heights helping sort food for families in need. Carol, the Human Services Coordinator, was very thankful for everyone’s time that day in particular as she had no volunteers that day and would’ve had to work alone to get all the food organized. The team was happy to play a small role in something that will have a large impact on the community. They even had the opportunity to meet one of the families that received aid in the past from the Village of Arlington Heights and came back to help prepare food for another family in need!

Learn how to help the Village of Arlington Heights by contacting the Human Services Dept.


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Castleton Team Makes Visit to Local Fire Station

The holidays are a great time to take a moment to show appreciation for family, friends and other members of your local community. The Castleton team recently baked cookies and took them over to the local fire department as a small thank you for the work the firemen do everyday. 

Thank you Indianapolis Fire Department for keeping the community safe!


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100 Acts of Kindness Progress

We are so proud of The RoomPlace employees who continue to volunteer each week and do good for their local communities. We are so close to 1000 hours of service! What better way to end 2012 than with 100 Acts of Kindness to those who need it most! 


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Avon & Greenwood Team Members Join Together to Do Good

Two employees decided to spend their Thanksgiving Day doing an act of good for other people.

They share their experience:  ”My wife and I decided Thanksgiving this year would be a day to give to others less fortunate than us. After hearing this idea, Marcus from the Avon store wanted to participate as well. We delivered 36 dinners to families in the Indianapolis area. This was a wonderful experience that allowed us the opportunity to meet some great people. All the families were appreciative and happy despite their financial difficulties and unfortunate living conditions.

 I cannot express in words the feeling you get from helping people that are less fortunate. This Thanksgiving was a day for giving back and I am very thankful that my family and co-worker participated in this wonderful experience.” 



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Corporate Team Boxes Food for Children in Need

Recently the corporate team volunteered at Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) to help put together boxes of food. The boxes of food get delivered to over 70 countries to help malnourished children around the world.  With one day of hard work, The RoomPlace team was able to put together 85 boxes, which will in turn feed 51 hungry children. One employee states that an important lesson learned from this is that by giving up a little of your time you can impact multiple lives in a positive way.

To learn how you can help FMSC, read more about the organization here:



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The Rockford Team Spends Time Volunteering with the Independence Village

Independence Village provides living spaces for seniors who still want a friendly home and respect for their privacy and individuality. The Rockford team spent time volunteering for the open house and also contributed a $100 gift card to be given away at this event. The team enjoyed their time meeting the people of the Independence Village and look forward to a lasting relationship! 


For more information on Independence Village, visit their website: 

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St. Vincent DePaul Receives New Mattresses from the Castleton Store!

The Castleton team visited the Society of St. Vincent DePaul and donated a mattress and bed set. Families in need can come to SVDP for meals or to get items for their home. Each family is given different amounts of items based on their level of need. SVDP always accepts donations from the community and even offers a pick up service to make it more convenient for the donors.

The Castleton team enjoyed their time learning about this great organization and all agreed it was a heart-touching experience!


To learn more about how you can help this organization:








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The West Suburban Community Pantry Gets Help from The Downers Grove Team!

One team member says:  “We helped out with their 19th Annual Harvest drive by leaving bags at house doors in different neighborhoods. People could then fill the bag with donations for us to pick back up later. It was good that we were there because we later learned they were short on volunteers.

What was great about the experience was that we were actually in the community walking around talking with people. On Sunday we went back to the areas and picked up the bags. My truck was full from all the donations. To see how much people gave was inspirational and uplifting. Our store also collected items and $80 to give to the pantry for more food purchases. We are making plans with Ann, the volunteer coordinator, to come back and help with the Christmas drive.”



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Cicero Employees Learn the Value of Working Together

ImageThe Cicero team spent time volunteering and meeting the people at St. Sabina Church. One Team member shares, “This experience has opened our eyes to the impact we can have if we work together as a team for others!” Image

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